Best Security


    The best and most effective security results from a four step process which can generate a higher priority and faster alarm response from law enforcement. The four steps comprise the following:

    1. Detection: Once a security system is activated, one or more actions
      may occur:
      a.  A signal is transmitted via a phone line, cellular signal, or through the internet, to a central monitoring station, identifying the location where a sensor has been activated.
      b.  A central monitoring station operator receives an activation signal via a phone line, cellular signal, or through the internet and then accesses the camera(s) at the location. A subscriber may also be notified via an email that an activation has occurred and can then access cameras at their home or business over their cell phone or computer.
      c.  A combination motion detector/video camera is activated and a video clip is sent to a central monitoring station and a subscriber (over their cell phone), showing what caused the activation.
    2. Verification: Through audio, visual (or both) confirmation, a central monitoring station operator determines whether it’s a false alarm, an individual on the premises is authorized to be there, or is an intruder.
    3. Notification: Once a central monitoring station operator verifies an unauthorized individual is on the premises, they notify law enforcement, private security, or both.
    4. Alarm Response: Once law enforcement has been notified an unauthorized individual is at an alarm activation, it becomes a higher priority call with faster response. Alarm system subscribers with a private alarm response service, have the added benefit of possibly having a security officer who may be closer to the call, respond as well.

    Early detection, when combined with verification that a criminal act is in progress, can generate the fastest response time from law enforcement. However, there is no guarantee that law enforcement can or will respond to a verified burglar alarm call in a timely manner, because it will depend on the location and availability of a police car at the time of the call.

    During any work shift, law enforcement officers may be tied up with more serious crimes with higher priorities and may only be able to provide a delayed response. The advantage of having private security is that an alarm response security officer will respond to alarm calls, whether or not the police are available.