Alarm Response 24/7

A monitored alarm system is only as good as the alarm response resulting from its activation. Alarm response will take the form of private security, law enforcement, or both, responding to a burglar alarm call. Depending on where you live, many law enforcement agencies classify unverified burglar alarm activations as low priority calls, often resulting in a delayed (hours) or no-show response.

Security companies offer different forms of alarm response with armed or unarmed officers and type of investigation at the location of an alarm activation. A professionally trained alarm response officer, who does a thorough perimeter check of a property for signs of a break-in, vandalism or trespassing, will be able to provide a more accurate assessment of an alarm call than an officer that does a drive-by (only checks the front of a location from the street, does not exit his/her vehicle and does not perform a perimeter check for signs of intrusion).

Drive-by alarm response is basically worthless, since it leaves the most critical areas of a home or business unchecked, while eliminating the responding officer’s ability to verify that an actual crime is, has, or hasn’t taken place.

Secure Protection offers the most effective type of alarm response available to its customers. Remember, a monitored alarm system without reliable alarm response means that no one may respond, or, if someone does respond, it may be hours later and it might be done without a thorough investigation. Secure Protection Alarm Response provides the added benefit of insulating alarm owners from expensive false alarm fines imposed by law enforcement.

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