24/7 Monitoring

    Secure Protection alarm monitoring is all about peace of mind.  Our customers know when their alarm system sends a signal to our central monitoring station, a live person will receive it and dispatch the proper authorities to their home or business and then notify them of the activation.  The customer can then approve or cancel the dispatch at their discretion.  This method insures that there is no delay in response to an alarm activation, due to an inability to reach a customer.

    Secure Protection uses a law enforcement endorsed customer notification process called Enhanced Call Verification.  This procedure is only used for burglar alarm activations and requires the monitoring station to attempt two phone calls to responsible individuals at two different numbers.  This verification process works better than the less efficient, single call method, because it provides two opportunities to cancel response to accidental alarm activations.

    Enhanced Call Verification benefits our customers by helping to avoid  false alarm fines imposed by many cities and counties.  This procedure also frees up valuable time and resources of law enforcement, so they can respond to actual crimes.

    Secure Protection’s central monitoring center automatically dispatches the proper authorities on all medical, fire, panic, hold-up, duress and robbery signals, because these activations have to do with the personal safety and security of people.

    Alarm monitoring is one of the four essential components of effective security and is the necessary link between alarm systems and alarm response.