Effective Monitoring

    Why Secure Protection Alarm Monitoring Is More Effective Than Most

    Secure Protection alarm monitoring works more efficiently than most alarm monitoring services. The following explanation shows why Secure Protection Alarm Response security officers can be dispatched to an alarm call faster (in many cases, even faster than law enforcement).

    Secure Protection’s Alarm Response security officers are on their way to an alarm call faster because there are two fewer steps in dispatching them to a call. First there is no time delay resulting from the procedure of most central stations in attempting to contact the alarm subscriber first, before contacting law enforcement or an alarm response dispatch center. The second step is the elimination of having the central station contact a separate alarm response dispatch center, who then notifies the alarm response officers. Secure Protection’s monitoring process dispatches an alarm response officer first, before attempting to contact the alarm subscriber. Because Secure Protection’s central station and dispatch center are one and the same, having to contact a separate dispatch center is eliminated. The elimination of these two steps saves precious time in responding to an alarm call.

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