Water Detection

    Water damage is one of the most destructive and costly expenses a homeowner or business owner will ever have to deal with.  This is especially true for water penetrating ceilings from upper floors.  Because of the expense, many insurance companies will either not cover water damage, or charge exorbitantly high premiums.  Some insurance companies will not pay for water damage if the cause has existed for more than 24 hours.  That’s why it’s so important to be alerted as early as possible to limit potential damage and comply with insurance policy requirements.

    Water detectors are electronic devices, both battery operated and hardwired into a central station monitored alarm system or automatic phone dialing system.  These detectors are designed to provide early notification of water leaking from cracked or broken pipes.  The important thing to remember is that homeowners need to be notified 24/7 if a detector activation occurs.

    Secure Protection can add water detection sensors to an existing system, or include them in a new security system, so that homeowners and business owners can be notified in a timely manner, should a leak occur. If you’ve had water leakage problems in the past and would like to minimize potentially serious damage in the future, call Secure Protection today.