Upgrade System

    Older burglar alarm systems, although still functional, may require an upgrade, due to requirements for more advanced technologies, or increased criminal activity in an area.  A system upgrade can entail adding more detectors, changing keypads and control panels with more advanced versions, or adding video and access control technologies to create more effective detection, identification and verification capabilities.

    Today, many homeowners and business owners seeking more effective security, are utilizing highly sophisticated technologies to upgrade their alarm systems.  They are adding the following to upgrade their system and achieve the results they are seeking:

    • Allows users to access their cameras over the internet by computer, cell phone, or notepad, from anywhere in the world.
    • Allows users to receive an email on their computer, cell phone, or notepad, whenever their alarm system is activated.
    • Allows homeowners to view anyone in their home (babysitters, workers, housekeepers, etc.) from a remote location, to see what is going on.
    • Allows business owners or managers to use as a management tool to view employee activity.
    • Used as verification of an actual crime in progress, or an authorized person on a property, by sending a 10 second video clip to a central monitoring station and a user’s cell phone.


    • Allows homeowners, gated community residents and business owners, to control access to their property by multiple users with their own codes.
    • Can provide a history of who entered a home, gated community, or business (or restricted area of a business), by name, time of day or night and date.
    • Provides a variety of technologically advanced devices, including some which allow remote activation of doors and gates, for anyone seeking to upgrade a system.

    Secure Protection can upgrade a system with the technologies which best fit your requirements.  Call Secure Protection TODAY for a FREE Home or Business Security Analysis to determine the best solution for your system upgrade.