Emergency Services

    Practically everyone has experienced some type of emergency during the course of their life.  Serious emergencies are normally handled by calling 911.  However, there are emergencies which arise that require temporary solutions.  Some of these include loss of electrical power in an area for an extended period of time, breakdowns in security or fire alarm systems, unsecured homes or businesses and other situations requiring some type of security service.

    Secure Protection provides an entire menu of security service solutions for temporary emergency situations requiring security officers, patrols, security watches, video surveillance systems and temporary personal protection.  For example, a business with a burglar/fire alarm system that stops working needs a “fire watch”.  This is where a private security officer is utilized to stay in the business to keep watch for any fires that might break out, until the system is fixed.

    If you have an emergency (not health related) and need one of our temporary security services to solve your problem, call Secure Protection for a FREE quote.