Cellular Backup


    Cellular Transmitters act as a backup to traditional alarm reporting by connecting between an alarm control panel and its telephone connection.  If a telephone line connection fails, the cellular transmitter connects directly to a cellular network to transmit the alarm signal to the central monitoring station.

    Some cellular transmitters will only transmit basic alarm signals of burglary, fire, medical and panic/duress.  Other brands will transmit more detailed information by an activated sensor from a specific alarm zone (ie the back door of a home or business).

    A full data cellular transmitter reporting more detailed information to a central station, is of greater value to responding law enforcement, or to a private alarm response officer, because it identifies where the alarm activation occurred.  This allows the responding party to go directly to the activation point and investigate, without wasting any time.

    Backup cellular transmitters are recommended for any home or business representing high value targets for burglars.