Camera Alarm Monitoring


    Camera monitoring by an alarm company central station has historically been a service utilized by banks, museums, large businesses, commercial and government facilities, wealthy individuals and numerous other types of facilities that required and could afford an expensive camera system and monthly monitoring fee. During the past ten years, costs for camera systems and monitoring have been dramatically reduced and are now available at reasonable cost to most homeowners and small business.

    While costs have come down, camera system and monitoring technologies have made major advancements which provide a greater degree of security
    for a larger number of homeowners and businesses. Camera system central station monitoring also provides the most important and missing element in the majority of burglar alarm systems, verification that a crime is in progress, or is about to take place.

    Monitored camera systems provide the peace of mind from knowing an individual’s home or business is being professionally monitored while they are away, in the event of an attempted burglary, or other unauthorized activity.
    Homeowners and business owners can also be notified by email of an attempted or actual break-in by the central monitoring station, whose service may include the ability for the subscriber to access their camera system with a cell phone, notepad, or computer. Some camera alarm systems even provide an emailed 10 second video clip of what activated their system.

    Secure Protection provides camera system monitoring with our central station for both homes and businesses. We can also provide you with remote camera accessibility with your cell phone, notepad, or computer, or the capability to receive an emailed 10 second video clip of what, or who caused an activation of your camera alarm system.

    Alarm systems without the critical element of verification, leave a major blind spot in any security system. Call Secure Protection today to receive a FREE Home and/or Business Security Analysis on how to make your alarm system more effective.